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App::ApplicationManager::ApplicationManager Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for App::ApplicationManager::ApplicationManager:

OFS::Folder::Folder OFS::ObjectManager::ObjectManager OFS::PropertyManager::PropertyManager AccessControl::Role::RoleManager webdav::Collection::Collection OFS::SimpleItem::Item OFS::FindSupport::FindSupport OFS::ZDOM::Element App::Management::Tabs webdav::Resource::Resource OFS::ZDOM::ElementWithAttributes webdav::Collection::Collection App::Management::Tabs App::Management::Navigation OFS::CopySupport::CopyContainer

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Detailed Description

System management

Definition at line 200 of file ApplicationManager.py.

Public Member Functions

def __class_init__
def __getitem__
def __init__
def __len__
def absolute_url
def ac_inherited_permissions
def access_debug_info
def acquiredRolesAreUsedBy
def all_meta_types
def cb_dataItems
def cb_dataValid
def changeOwnership
def class_manage_path
def class_manage_path
def COPY
def dav__init
def dav__init
def dav__init
def dav__simpleifhandler
def dav__validate
def db_name
def db_size
def filtered_manage_options
def filtered_manage_options
def filtered_meta_types
def get_local_roles
def get_local_roles_for_userid
def get_request_var_or_attr
def get_valid_userids
def getAttribute
def getAttributeNode
def getAttributes
def getChildNodes
def getChildNodes
def getElementsByTagName
def getElementsByTagName
def getFirstChild
def getFirstChild
def getId
def getLastChild
def getLastChild
def getNextSibling
def getNextSibling
def getNodeName
def getNodeName
def getNodeType
def getNodeType
def getNodeValue
def getNodeValue
def getOwner
def getOwnerDocument
def getOwnerDocument
def getOwnerTuple
def getParentNode
def getParentNode
def getPhysicalPath
def getPreviousSibling
def getPreviousSibling
def getProperty
def getPropertyType
def getTagName
def getTagName
def getWrappedOwner
def getZOPE_HOME
def has_local_roles
def hasChildNodes
def hasChildNodes
def hasProperty
def HEAD
def HEAD
def HEAD
def LOCK
def manage
def manage_access
def manage_acquiredPermissions
def manage_addLocalRoles
def manage_addProperty
def manage_afterAdd
def manage_afterAdd
def manage_afterClone
def manage_afterClone
def manage_app
def manage_beforeDelete
def manage_beforeDelete
def manage_changeOwnershipType
def manage_changePermissions
def manage_changeProperties
def manage_changePropertyTypes
def manage_clone
def manage_CopyContainerAllItems
def manage_CopyContainerFirstItem
def manage_copyObjects
def manage_cutObjects
def manage_defined_roles
def manage_delLocalRoles
def manage_delObjects
def manage_delProperties
def manage_discardVersions
def manage_editedDialog
def manage_editProperties
def manage_editRoles
def manage_exportObject
def manage_fixupOwnershipAfterAdd
def manage_FTPlist
def manage_FTPlist
def manage_FTPstat
def manage_FTPstat
def manage_getPermissionMapping
def manage_importObject
def manage_pack
def manage_pasteObjects
def manage_permission
def manage_renameObject
def manage_renameObjects
def manage_restart
def manage_role
def manage_saveVersions
def manage_setLocalRoles
def manage_setPermissionMapping
def manage_shutdown
def manage_takeOwnership
def manage_undo_transactions
def manage_workspace
def manage_workspace
def manage_zmi_logout
def MOVE
def objectIds
def objectIds_d
def objectItems
def objectItems_d
def objectMap
def objectMap_d
def objectValues
def objectValues
def objectValues_d
def owner_info
def permission_settings
def permissionsOfRole
def possible_permissions
def process_time
def propdict
def propertyIds
def propertyItems
def propertyLabel
def propertyMap
def propertyValues
def PUT
def PUT
def PUT
def raise_standardErrorMessage
def restrictedTraverse
def revert_points
def rolesOfPermission
def superValues
def sys_platform
def sys_version
def tabs_path_default
def tabs_path_default
def tabs_path_info
def tabs_path_info
def this
def thread_get_ident
def title_and_id
def title_or_id
def tpURL
def tpValues
def tpValues
def undoable_transactions
def unrestrictedTraverse
def userCanTakeOwnership
def userdefined_roles
def users_with_local_role
def valid_property_id
def valid_roles
def validate_roles
def version_info
def version_list
def version_txt
def wl_clearLocks
def wl_delLock
def wl_getLock
def wl_hasLock
def wl_isLocked
def wl_lockItems
def wl_lockmapping
def wl_lockTokens
def wl_lockValues
def wl_setLock
def ZopeFind
def ZopeFindAndApply

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 absolute_url__roles__ = None
tuple Database = DatabaseManager()
tuple DavLocks = DavLockManager()
tuple DebugInfo = DebugManager()
 filtered_manage_options__roles__ = None
 filtered_manage_options__roles__ = None
 getId__roles__ = None
 getPhysicalPath__roles__ = None
 getPhysicalRoot = Acquired
string help_product = 'OFSP'
string help_topic = 'Security_Manage-Role.stx'
string icon = 'p_/ControlPanel_icon'
string id = 'Control_Panel'
int isAnObjectManager = 1
int isPrincipiaFolderish = 1
int isTopLevelPrincipiaApplicationObject = 0
tuple manage = manage_mainDTMLFile('dtml/cpContents', globals())
 manage_addObject = None
 manage_addProperty = None
 manage_clone__roles__ = None
tuple manage_copyright = DTMLFile('dtml/copyright', globals())
 manage_copyright__roles__ = None
 manage_delObjects = None
 manage_delProperties = None
tuple manage_editLocalRoles
 manage_editProperties = None
tuple manage_findAdv
tuple manage_findForm
tuple manage_findFrame = DTMLFile('dtml/findFrame', globals())
tuple manage_findResult
tuple manage_form_title
 manage_form_title__roles__ = None
tuple manage_index_main = DTMLFile('dtml/index_main', globals())
tuple manage_listLocalRoles
tuple manage_main = DTMLFile('dtml/main', globals())
tuple manage_menu = DTMLFile('dtml/menu', globals())
tuple manage_options
tuple manage_owner = Globals.DTMLFile('dtml/owner', globals())
tuple manage_page_footer = DTMLFile('dtml/manage_page_footer', globals())
tuple manage_page_header = DTMLFile('dtml/manage_page_header', globals())
tuple manage_propertiesForm
tuple manage_propertyTypeForm = DTMLFile('dtml/propertyType', globals())
int manage_restartable = 1
tuple manage_tabs = DTMLFile('dtml/manage_tabs', globals())
tuple manage_tabs = DTMLFile('dtml/manage_tabs', globals())
tuple manage_tabs__roles__ = ('Anonymous',)
tuple manage_tabs__roles__ = ('Anonymous',)
tuple manage_top_frame = DTMLFile('dtml/manage_top_frame', globals())
tuple manage_UndoForm
 manage_zmi_logout__roles__ = None
 manage_zmi_prefs__roles__ = None
string management_view = 'Security'
string meta_type = 'Control Panel'
tuple meta_types = ()
string name = 'Control Panel'
 permissionMappingPossibleValues = Acquired
 PrincipiaFind = ZopeFind
tuple process_id = os.getpid()
tuple process_start = int(time.time())
tuple propertysheets = vps(DefaultPropertySheets)
 REQUEST = Acquisition.Acquired
tuple security = ClassSecurityInfo()
tuple security = ClassSecurityInfo()
string title = ''
string title = ''
 validRoles = valid_roles
tuple varnames = ('form_title', 'help_product', 'help_topic')
tuple Versions = VersionManager()
tuple zope_quick_start = DTMLFile('dtml/zope_quick_start', globals())
 zope_quick_start__roles__ = None

Private Member Functions

def _canCopy
def _init

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

tuple __roles__ = ('Manager',)

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