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OFS::ObjectManager::ObjectManager Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for OFS::ObjectManager::ObjectManager:

OFS::CopySupport::CopyContainer App::Management::Navigation App::Management::Tabs webdav::Collection::Collection HelpSys::HelpSys::HelpSys HelpSys::HelpSys::ProductHelp OFS::Folder::Folder App::ApplicationManager::ApplicationManager App::Product::Product OFS::Application::Application Products::ZCatalog::ZCatalogIndexes::ZCatalogIndexes regressionSecurity::TestFolder

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Detailed Description

Generic object manager

This class provides core behavior for collections of heterogeneous objects.

Definition at line 95 of file ObjectManager.py.

Public Member Functions

def __class_init__
def __getitem__
def absolute_url
def all_meta_types
def cb_dataItems
def cb_dataValid
def class_manage_path
def dav__init
def filtered_manage_options
def filtered_meta_types
def getPhysicalPath
def HEAD
def manage_afterAdd
def manage_afterClone
def manage_beforeDelete
def manage_clone
def manage_CopyContainerAllItems
def manage_CopyContainerFirstItem
def manage_copyObjects
def manage_cutObjects
def manage_delObjects
def manage_exportObject
def manage_FTPlist
def manage_FTPstat
def manage_importObject
def manage_pasteObjects
def manage_renameObject
def manage_renameObjects
def manage_workspace
def manage_zmi_logout
def objectIds
def objectIds_d
def objectItems
def objectItems_d
def objectMap
def objectMap_d
def objectValues
def objectValues_d
def PUT
def restrictedTraverse
def superValues
def tabs_path_default
def tabs_path_info
def tpValues
def unrestrictedTraverse

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 absolute_url__roles__ = None
 filtered_manage_options__roles__ = None
 getPhysicalPath__roles__ = None
 getPhysicalRoot = Acquired
int isAnObjectManager = 1
int isPrincipiaFolderish = 1
tuple manage = DTMLFile('dtml/manage', globals())
 manage_clone__roles__ = None
tuple manage_copyright = DTMLFile('dtml/copyright', globals())
 manage_copyright__roles__ = None
tuple manage_form_title
 manage_form_title__roles__ = None
tuple manage_index_main = DTMLFile('dtml/index_main', globals())
tuple manage_main = DTMLFile('dtml/main', globals())
tuple manage_menu = DTMLFile('dtml/menu', globals())
tuple manage_options
tuple manage_page_footer = DTMLFile('dtml/manage_page_footer', globals())
tuple manage_page_header = DTMLFile('dtml/manage_page_header', globals())
tuple manage_tabs = DTMLFile('dtml/manage_tabs', globals())
tuple manage_tabs__roles__ = ('Anonymous',)
tuple manage_top_frame = DTMLFile('dtml/manage_top_frame', globals())
 manage_zmi_logout__roles__ = None
 manage_zmi_prefs__roles__ = None
string meta_type = 'Object Manager'
tuple meta_types = ()
tuple varnames = ('form_title', 'help_product', 'help_topic')
tuple zope_quick_start = DTMLFile('dtml/zope_quick_start', globals())
 zope_quick_start__roles__ = None

Private Member Functions

def _delOb
def _delObject
def _getOb
def _importObjectFromFile
def _setOb
def _setObject
def _subobject_permissions

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

tuple __ac_permissions__
 _checkId = checkValidId
tuple _objects = ()

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