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Products::PythonScripts::PythonScript::PythonScript Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for Products::PythonScripts::PythonScript::PythonScript:

Shared::DC::Scripts::Script::Script OFS::History::Historical OFS::Cache::Cacheable OFS::SimpleItem::SimpleItem OFS::SimpleItem::Item AccessControl::Role::RoleManager webdav::Resource::Resource App::Management::Tabs OFS::ZDOM::Element webdav::Lockable::LockableItem OFS::ZDOM::Node

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Detailed Description

Web-callable scripts written in a safe subset of Python.

The function may include standard python code, so long as it does
not attempt to use the "exec" statement or certain restricted builtins.

Definition at line 75 of file PythonScript.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __len__
def __repr__
def __setstate__
def ac_inherited_permissions
def access_debug_info
def acquiredRolesAreUsedBy
def body
def changeOwnership
def class_manage_path
def COPY
def dav__init
def dav__simpleifhandler
def dav__validate
def document_src
def filtered_manage_options
def get_local_roles
def get_local_roles_for_userid
def get_request_var_or_attr
def get_size
def get_valid_userids
def getAttribute
def getAttributeNode
def getAttributes
def getChildNodes
def getElementsByTagName
def getFirstChild
def getId
def getLastChild
def getNextSibling
def getNodeName
def getNodeType
def getNodeValue
def getOwner
def getOwnerDocument
def getOwnerTuple
def getParentNode
def getPreviousSibling
def getTagName
def getWrappedOwner
def has_local_roles
def hasChildNodes
def HEAD
def LOCK
def manage
def manage_access
def manage_acquiredPermissions
def manage_addLocalRoles
def manage_afterAdd
def manage_afterClone
def manage_afterHistoryCopy
def manage_beforeDelete
def manage_beforeHistoryCopy
def manage_change_history
def manage_changeOwnershipType
def manage_changePermissions
def manage_defined_roles
def manage_delLocalRoles
def manage_editedDialog
def manage_editRoles
def manage_fixupOwnershipAfterAdd
def manage_FTPget
def manage_FTPlist
def manage_FTPstat
def manage_getPermissionMapping
def manage_haveProxy
def manage_historicalComparison
def manage_historyCompare
def manage_historyCopy
def manage_permission
def manage_proxy
def manage_role
def manage_setLocalRoles
def manage_setPermissionMapping
def manage_takeOwnership
def manage_undo_transactions
def manage_workspace
def MOVE
def objectValues
def owner_info
def params
def permission_settings
def permissionsOfRole
def possible_permissions
def PrincipiaSearchSource
def PUT
def raise_standardErrorMessage
def read
def rolesOfPermission
def tabs_path_default
def tabs_path_info
def this
def title_and_id
def title_or_id
def tpURL
def tpValues
def undoable_transactions
def userCanTakeOwnership
def userdefined_roles
def users_with_local_role
def valid_roles
def validate_roles
def wl_clearLocks
def wl_delLock
def wl_getLock
def wl_hasLock
def wl_isLocked
def wl_lockItems
def wl_lockmapping
def wl_lockTokens
def wl_lockValues
def wl_setLock
def write
def ZCacheable_configHTML
def ZCacheable_enabled
def ZCacheable_get
def ZCacheable_getCache
def ZCacheable_getManager
def ZCacheable_getManagerId
def ZCacheable_getManagerIds
def ZCacheable_getManagerURL
def ZCacheable_getModTime
def ZCacheable_getObAndView
def ZCacheable_invalidate
def ZCacheable_isAMethod
def ZCacheable_isCachingEnabled
def ZCacheable_set
def ZCacheable_setEnabled
def ZCacheable_setManagerId
def ZPythonScript_edit
def ZPythonScript_setTitle
def ZPythonScriptHTML_changePrefs
def ZPythonScriptHTML_editAction
def ZPythonScriptHTML_upload
def ZScriptHTML_tryAction
def ZScriptHTML_tryParams

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

tuple errors = warnings()
 filtered_manage_options__roles__ = None
 func_code = None
tuple func_defaults = ()
 getId__roles__ = None
 getSize = get_size
string help_product = 'OFSP'
string help_topic = 'Security_Manage-Role.stx'
tuple HistoricalRevisions = Historian()
string icon = ''
 index_html = None
int isPrincipiaFolderish = 0
int isTopLevelPrincipiaApplicationObject = 0
 manage = manage_mainZPythonScriptHTML_editForm
tuple manage_change_history_page
tuple manage_editLocalRoles
 manage_FTPput = PUT
tuple manage_listLocalRoles
tuple manage_options
tuple manage_owner = Globals.DTMLFile('dtml/owner', globals())
tuple manage_proxyForm = DTMLFile('www/pyScriptProxy', globals())
tuple manage_tabs = DTMLFile('dtml/manage_tabs', globals())
tuple manage_tabs__roles__ = ('Anonymous',)
tuple manage_UndoForm
string management_view = 'Security'
string meta_type = 'Script (Python)'
 permissionMappingPossibleValues = Acquired
 REQUEST = Acquisition.Acquired
tuple security = AccessControl.ClassSecurityInfo()
 validRoles = valid_roles
tuple ZCacheable_get__roles__ = ()
tuple ZCacheable_getCache__roles__ = ()
tuple ZCacheable_getManager__roles__ = ()
tuple ZCacheable_getObAndView__roles__ = ()
tuple ZCacheable_isCachingEnabled__roles__ = ()
tuple ZCacheable_manage = DTMLFile('dtml/cacheable', globals())
tuple ZCacheable_set__roles__ = ()
tuple ZPythonScriptHTML_editForm = DTMLFile('www/pyScriptEdit', globals())
tuple ZScriptHTML_tryForm = DTMLFile('dtml/scriptTry', globals())

Private Member Functions

def _compile
def _compiler
def _editedBindings
def _exec
def _makeFunction
def _metadata_map
def _newfun
def _validateProxy

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

tuple __implements__ = (WriteLockInterface,)
string _params = ''
tuple _proxy_roles = ()
int _v_change = 0

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